Our women’s circles serve as a sacred space and opportunity for connection and self-exploration. Each circle is an invitation to honour our innate wisdom and reflect on the intricate fabric of our lives.

This sacred space is open and inclusive to women of all ages and walks of life  It is the shared experience of womanhood that connects and brings us together. The space provides an opportunity to relate and listen to each other without judgments, selling tactics or the need to offer unsolicited solutions. A space to be heard and somewhere to feel safe. eld.

Together we create a safe, intimate space to explore honest conversations about motherhood. We gather virtually to share and be witnessed and to feel held, inspired and nourished by each other.

We meet via Zoom for about an hour twice a month to connect, relate and share authentically about our journeys as mothers, the beauty and the wonder as well as the struggles and challenges. The beauty of being online means that we can more easily carve out this precious pocket of time, even with other caring responsibilities.

This woman’s circle is a space of comfort in an informative environment as you navigate through this potent stage in your life. An intimate and open circle, where we can freely talk about our every day menopausal experiences. If you’re premenopausal, menopausal, or postmenopausal, come and join this circle and be a part  of supportive community.

These Circles are spaces to be seen and heard exactly as you are. To share your unique truth, stories, and wisdom without judgment. It is a time to hold space for one another to share in the transformative power of vulnerability. When we sit in a women’s circle, we share the collective experience of healing and empowerment.